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Gem helps transform how businesses capture, handle, and relate their critical data and services using a blockchain network.

Emily Vaughn, Director of Client Relations and Marketing for Gem explains Gem’s data management operating system that generates and manages identities for different users, (ex: payers vs. providers) so they can participate in a block chain & conduct transactions using a shared, decentralized, cryptographically-secure ledger.

Similar to a bitcoin wallet, your blockchain identity can store data, (ex: credentials). You then use that same identity to sign transactions, provide limited and at-will data points to different requesters (vs. your private info such as social security number, date of birth, etc)

In the healthcare space, Gemo’s goal is to create a blockchain-based approach to allowing quicker and stress-free submission of insurance claims by healthcare providers, faster reimbursement, and lower costs of the administrative burden in business.

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