August 8, 2017

NewStore — A Fully Integrated and Personalized Mobile Retail Experience

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Ulrike Mueller, CTO of NewStore, talks about the benefits of integrating online e-commerce, inventory, and Point of Sale systems into a seamless mobile retail experience for consumers.

You’ve been browsing the mobile app of your favorite retail store. When you walk into a brick-and-mortar location, a sales associate is alerted to assist you. Based on your previous transactions, they can recommend items, styles, or colors that you seem to favor. If something is out of stock, they can instantly tell you another store where you can purchase it. Once you’ve finished your personalized shopping experience, the sales associate can process your transaction on the spot. If you go home, and decide to return an item, you can handle the return directly through the mobile app. All of these features, and more, could be coming your way soon.

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